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Danatab Nove Pharm Methandrostenolon 100 tablets

Danatab of Nove Pharm is the trade name of Metandienone, an anabolic steroid known in the gym as Methan. This version of Danatab has a rapid action and a short half-life, requiring the intake to be at least 2 times a day at equal intervals.

Danatab is a high-quality, powerful and fast-acting methane. Like other methadienone-containing anabolics, there is a rapid increase in volumes. The effect of the preparation is the increased protein synthesis and increased nitrogen, which results in a great increase in muscle mass and strength in a short time. The compound retains water and is prone to aromatize to estrogen. Therefore, at high doses, anti-estrogens should be taken.

Danatab is a steroid for volume, muscle mass and strength accumulation. Its application for the purpose of rendering outline and relief is not appropriate. The dose of this preparation ranges from 30 to 50 mg, and it should be known that methandienone is 17-alpha-alkylene and may be toxic to the liver. Using over 5 weeks is meaningless, because methane quickly saturates the steroid receptors and reduces or stops its action.

Danatab is a very flexible anabolic and can be combined with quite a variety of steroids. Of course, the best and most successful combination to increase muscle mass and strength is Methan + Deca  + Testosterone. Those who are more sensitive to the anabolic side effects may successfully combine Metandienone with Primobolan.

Side effects caused by Methane intake, may not occur as long as the dose and duration of use are not abused. The most common side effects are oily skin and acne. At high doses, strong aromatization and gynecomastia may occur. In genetically predisposed to baldness, Methane can speed up the process.

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