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Testocyp (Alpha Pharma) Testosterone Cypionate

Testocyp is a powerful anabolic steroid, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company  Alpha Pharma. Its active ingredient is Testosterone Cypionate (steroid that been dissolved in oil, having properties similar to ether enanthate), which provides a sustained effect and lasts an average of about two weeks.

Testosterone Cypionate Alpha Pharma is mainly used in sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting and other popular disciplines. Athletes use it for quick and quality set of muscle mass and strength. This anabolic androgen has many other useful actions like increasing appetite, strengthening the bones and improving joint function.


Testocyp Alpha Pharma action

Predecessors of this drug with the same active substance, appeared in the middle of the 20th century (the first similar steroid was released in the 50s by Pharmacia & Upjohn). Initially, it is was not very popular because athletes rated it as substitute for enanthate with similar properties. However, over time its demand increased. Today cypionate is the most common of the testosterone esters and preparations, developed to be used by athletes in the world.

Let's forget about the history and go back to the topic, Testocyp Alpha Pharma  is primarily a powerful anabolic androgen. It has long activity, lasting an average of fifteen to sixteen days (it's half-life last about six to eight days). This feature removes the need of frequent injections. In most cases, Cypionate is administered once a week.

It is known that Testocyp, and other steroid esters of testosterone, have numerous and different effects that may be useful, not only in the sports practice, but also in everyday life :


* Provides rapid increase in muscle mass

Significantly increase the power of the athlete

* Increased appetite without creating a false sense of hunger

* Improves the function of joints (that is achievable due to the accumulation of water)

* It strengthens the bones and the skeleton in general

Improves overall vitality and increases the desire for training.


Important: Although giving powerful and various beneficial effects, Testocyp can show and some side effects. In particular, as an aromatizing steroid, it may cause estrogenic side-effects, among which are:  the accumulation of fluids in the body, gynecomastia and increased body fat.

Note that Testocyp, manufactured by Alpha Pharma, should not be used by women. It is a fact that women who use this steroid can encounter masculinisation, acne, deepening of the voice, etc. (Masculinization - the accumulation of male sexual characteristics in females).

The storage of all the steroidal agents should be done in dark and dry place under the room temperature. Remember to keep away from children and pets for their safety.


How to use Testosterone Cypionate of Alpha Pharma?

In most cases, athletes who use cypionate have intentions  to increase clean muscle mass and also improve strength. Note that taking this drug often done in combination with other steroids such as Turinabol or Boldenone.

The doses recommended for athletes - are 250-500 mg (maximum 750 mg) of the steroid per week. Injections are usually placed every four days, because Cypionate has sufficiently long activity - about 15-16 days. The average duration of the cycles involving this anabolic androgen ranges from 4 to 12 completed weeks.

It is important to say that the dose required for the injection is easy to calculate, since there is a very convenient concentration of the active substance, allowing easy dosing.(250 mg per 1 ml). Thus, for the recommended dose of 500 mg, you need just 2 ampoules of the preparation.

As we already noted, Testosterone Cypionate often goes along with other steroid preparations. What anabolic androgenic resources be combined? It depends on your objectives pursued, experience and financial resources.

For example, if you want to increase your muscle mass, combine with Cypionate Methane. The dosage should be administered as follows: Methandrostenolon - about 40 mg per day, Cypionate - about 500 mg per week. This may require certain assisting substances, such as Proviron (25-50 mg per day), and Tamoxifen (30 mg per day for three weeks). The duration of the cycle is 8 full weeks.

If you want to achieve better muscle growth, coupled with an increase in power, it may be appropriate to use a combination with Turinobol or the steroid Stromba Stanozolol. Doses are quite conventional: Cypionate - about 500 mg per week, Turinobol - about 40-60 mg per day or Stanozolol in a dosage of about 50 mg per day.

In fact, if you want to learn more combinations and read other instructions, you should visit our forum. There you can communicate with our consultants (master of sports, coaches, sports doctors) and get detailed advice and recommendations on its use.

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