Masteron is a good anabolic steroid for improving relief, definition and density of muscles. It also gives tough and pumped appearance. Masteron has a similar effect like Winstrol, but unlike Winstrol, it does not dry the joints, lowering the chances of injuries. Masteron is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, but does not aromatize and does not retain water. Masteron is preferred by athletes in steroid cycles for relief. We offer Masteron by different manufactures at good prices.

Characteristics Masteron :

Active substance : Drostanolone Propionate

Classification : Injectable steroid

Maximum activity Masteron : 6 days

Average dosage of Masteron : 300-500mg per week

Fluid retention: No

Acne: No

High blood pressure: No

Gynecomastia: No

Aromatization: None

Masteron is not a strong preparation. Its intentions are to increase clean muscle mass and to conserve the accumulation of muscles in the body. It gives extra hardness and density to the muscles.

Masteron is a steroid with a short duration of action. It is necessary to be administrated at least once a day up to 1 ml. / 100 mg. This preparation is similar to Primobolan, but with smaller period of action. Masteron is often a choice on the list of more advanced athletes, which put importance on the quality of muscles, rather than their maximum amount.

Masteron can be very useful in the first cycle of steroids for beginners and inexperienced athletes, because, during the intake, the athlete can be sure that no negative side effects will occur. The gained muscle mass is not very big, but it's with very high density and toughness.

For advanced athletes, Masteron is best used in conjunction with Tri-Trenbolone or Trenbolone Enanthate. With this combination you can build a very large amount of muscle mass and strength and burn all the extra fat in the body.

For an easier intake, Masteron can be administrated with Oxandrolone or Turinabol. This, of course, gives less muscle mass, but with very high quality.

Best-combined preparations with Masteron :

1. Masteron + Turinabol

2. Masteron + Trenbolone + Turinabol

3. Masteron + Winstrol + Anavar

4. Masteron + Turinabol + Stanozolol

These, quality injectable steroids will always be involved in the building of dry and tight muscles. This anabolic is not heavy for athletes. You will not gain aromatization, gynecomastia or retain water from its use. Anabolic cycle with Masteron is suitable for any beginner athlete. Thanks to its very light properties, the steroid is harmless. It will not damage your health, but rather help you improve the quality of your muscle mass. For a good cycle with Masteron, it is necessary to take one kind of the high-quality oral steroids like Oxandrolone or even better with Turinabol, and one of injectable steroids - Testosterone or Trenbolone.

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